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ashford glass supplies for door and window repairs

Ashford Glass Shop

Our Glass Shop is open Monday to Friday

8am - 1pm

Double Glazing Units & Processed Glass


Our products and services include:

  • Greenhouse Glass - cut while you wait on small orders

  • Double Glazed Units

  • Triple glazed Units

  • 4mm -19mm Toughened Safety Glass

  • Pyro Fire rated Glass

  • Coloured Glass

  • Processed Mirrors with polished edges

  • Double glazing with Cat-flap Holes

  • Glass Toughening

  • Furniture protectors in Glass

  • Colour painted furniture protectors

  • Processed Laminated Glass 

  • Laminated & Toughened Glass

  • Staircase Glass

PLEASE NOTE - We no longer offer single cut glass or mirror cutting for frames. All our mirrors are supplied with polished edges and have a processing lead-time.

Call ashford glass supplies for glass repairs
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