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Being pet owners ourselves, we understand the commitment and love required to keep our pets happy and content. However, we also appreciate the effort required with the constant trips to your pets favourite door!! In ! Out ! maybe!

We can help! we install all types of Cat Flaps and Pet Doors throughout Kent.


Manual Catflaps - Microchip Catflaps - Pet Doors - Dog Doors



Catflap in Glass

We are able to install your catflap to most glass surfaces, whether it be a double or single glazed door or window, we have installed hundreds of catflaps throughout Kent. There are several main brands of catflap, all have different designs and sizes. Please contact us if you need help to select the most suitable product for your pet. We normally ask our customers to have their catflap available prior to us surveying the replacement glass, we will install the catflap onto your new glass before we return for the final installation. If you have selected the microchip model we recommend you pair the unit with your pets chip before we collect it from you.

Fitting your Catflap into a plastic or wooden door is straight forward, the surface does however, need to be flat and cannot have any raised profiles, if your plastic panel does not have a large enough flat surface, we are able to supply a new full panel with your catflap installed.


We can install larger Pet doors for Dogs and large Cats, although, this can be more complex due to the size of the holes we normally have a solution for most premises and uses, please give us a call and we can arrange a survey to discuss your options




Dog Doors - Large Pet Doors

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