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Fire Rated or Fire Resistant glass is a specialist product which has been proven to provide protection for a period of time, against fire during a controlled environment test. The degree of protection is dependent on the type of glass specified. Generally, all fire glass products act as a protective barrier to prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. 

Fire Glass is rated by two properties: 

1. INTEGRITY  - The period of time in which the material will stay in tact and act as a barrier against flame & smoke.

2. INSULATION - The period of time to which the product will protect the safe side from excessive heat.

IMPORTANT : If the product was to be specified on a fire route or a fire escape, an insulation value would be required.

Although fire glass looks the same as any other type of glass, the facts are a glass without a fire rating will offer no protection against flame,smoke or heat in event of a fire. 

Fire Glass is rated in time periods in excess of 30 minutes:

Examples: 7mm Pyrodur Plus  Rating 30/0  - 30 mins integrity / 0 mins insulation
                  15mm Pyrostop       Rating 30/30 - 30 mins integrity / 30 mins insulation

Pilkington Glass SupplierGenerally - The thicker the glass, the greater the protection.

Considerations when Specifying Fire Glass. 

Many people presume, to achieve a fire rating, specifying the correct glass is sufficient enough, this is not the case. Fire Ratings are achieved upon the installation of the correct glazing system, the system is inclusive of the Frame material, the glass, the glazing method, the beading type & fixings & the use.

Please view the Fire tech sheet for various Fire glass products:           FIRE GLASS PDF



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